Conseil d'Etat / Luxemburg, Luxembourg / PARKSAFE 582

Renovation and Conversion: Parksafe for the "Conseil d´Etat" and "Ancienne Clinique St. Joseph", 3-5, Rue Sigefroi, Luxembourg.

The Conseil d'Etat and Clinique St. Joseph buildings, located in the heart of Luxembourg's old town, were converted and renovated under strict adherence to architectural and historical requirements. The automatic parking system is entered at sublevel 2 via a car lift. This system features two rows of parking spots located behind each other on the right and left sides of the vertical conveyor, which has a long shaft to reach the top of the facility. A shuttle rests on the conveyor and moves the cars to both bays. To maximize the restricted space available, three parking places are arranged next to each other per bay and level. The conveyor system and software park the cars safely and reliably.