Parklift 440

Multi size options with plenty of good sides to it. The Parklift provides easy access and exit and also makes it easier to get in out of the car.

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Parklift 430

The adaptable one - the innovative system development of the Parklift 430 enables adjustment to different car heights.

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Parklift 402

Parklift 402 provides comfortable parking solution even with reduced installation height.

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Parklift 340

With Parklift 340 reduced installation height and small pit depth is possible.

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Parkbox 401

Parkbox 401 increases the number of parking spaces even in tight areas. Dependent parking on two levels above each other without pit.

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Parklift 411

The Parklift 411 for dependent parking of two cars above each other. Suitable for outdoor installation.

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Parklift 421

Wöhr Parklift 421 makes 3 on 1. On the surface of only one parking place, 3 cars are parked above each other without pit.

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Parklift 403

Three cars can park above each other on a single pit with Parklift 403.

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Parklift 413

With Parklift 413 three parking places are build-up on one floor level, independently and cost saving.

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Parklift 461

The invisible garage: Parklift 461 provides 1 or 2 hidden parking places.

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Parklift 462

The invisible garage: Parklift 462 provides 2 or 4 underground parking places.

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Parklift 463

The invisible garage: Parklift 463 provides 3 or 6 underground parking places.

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Parking platform 501

By laterally shifting the Parking Platform 501 every bit of available space is utilized and maximised parking surface provided.

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Parking platform 503

By longitudinally shifting the Parking Platform 501 every bit of available space is utilized and maximised parking surface provided.

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Turntable 505

The Turntable 505 makes turning easy in areas where manoeuvring space is restricted.

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Turntable 506

The New Turntable 506 is "super slim" and can be fitted and installed onto virtually any surface.

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Combilift 551

Combilift 551: independent parking in 2 levels above each other without pit. By lifting and sliding the platforms, direct access to all parking places at the entrance level.

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Combilift 552

A smart combination is to put in a Combilift 551 system behind a Combilift 552; three row arrangement is possible.

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Combilift 543

Combilift 543 - compact and spacesaving parking system on 3 levels with an access and exit at the central level.

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Combilift 542

The combination of stacking and moving together with a pit arrangement provides additional height in the top level - parking space for Vans, SUV´s is provided.

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Combilift 544

Combilift 544 for transporation and vehicle industry and safe parking of large SUVs, small mobile homes or trailors.

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Combiparker 555

With the innovative comb technology the Combiparker 555 provides parking space on 8 above ground levels.

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Combiparker 556

The new Combiparker 556: a space-saving, compact parking solution with a whole new variety of layout options.

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Slimparker 557 Tower

Projecting skywards: the new Wöhr Slimparker 557 Tower is slim and versatile

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Slimparker 557 Shaft

The Magical - up to 6 parking level are hidden underground and providing up to 23 parking places.

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Crossparker 558

The Crossparker 558 gives the Slimparker 557 further width. The magical with an additional plus.

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Parksafe 580

Based on storage rack principles, the vehicles are parked fully automatic in a tower or pit version of Parksafe 580.

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Parksafe 582

Based on storage rack principles cars can simply and full-automatically be parked in 2 rows behind each other and next to the vertical lift. The Parksafe 582 as tower and/or pit version.

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Parksafe 583

The flexibility of the Parksafe 583 allows an optimised utilisation of unusual floor plan areas and provides additional parking places in 1, 2, 3-row arrangement laterally to the vertical lift.

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Parksafe 585

The Parksafe 585 is an automatically controlled parking system with storage shelves arranged all-around the vertical lift.

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Levelparker 570

In the fully automated system Level Parker 570 cars are slided and glided closer together in a way like a puzzle.

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Levelparker 590

The fully automatic space miracle Level Parker 590: space saving parking with single row arrangement on 2 to 5 parking levels without additional ramps or driveways.

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Multiparker 710

The Multiparker 710 utilizes clever and smart the available surface and provides parking space on 4 to 8 levels.

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Multiparker 720

Multiparker 720 is for smaller floor plan areas featuring high structures, with an emphasis on stacking the parking places on top of one another up to 50 levels high.

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Multiparker 730

By the use of a lift and shuttle system, faster access times are ensured with Multiparker 730.

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Multiparker 740

The Multiparker 740 is particularly suited to narrow and long floor plan areas and features a fully automatic space saving high rack storage parking arrangement.

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Multiparker 750

Multiparker 750 offers parking places in a concrete structure without steel pallets and in up to 30 levels high.

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Multiparker 760

Similar to a high rack more car parking places are provided with the pallet-less system Multiparker 760. Cars are simple stacked side by side and one above the other.

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Car Lift

Wöhr Carlifts provide an access from street level to parking areas without the need for ramps.

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Wöhr Carport Protecco Uno is a trendy, robust but in the same time delicate steel construction for one car.

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Wöhr Carport Protecco Duo is a trendy, robust but in the same time delicate steel construction for two cars.

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Car Display Tower

The Car Display Tower allows free visual connection between customer and service area and is inspiring a confidential feeling.

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The ultimate parking aid for easy access to your narrow parking space -park easy with the Wöhr Easypark.

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Wöhr Cycle

Bicycle-friendly PARKING: The automatic bicycle parking Wöhr Cycle stores safe and quick up to 128 bicycles.

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